60T Aluminium sprocket for Sur Ron / Talaria / E-Ride Pro

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Elevate Your Sur Ron / Talaria / E-Ride Pro Performance with the ElectricGen Sprocket

Upgrade your Sur Ron, Talaria, or E-Ride Pro with the ElectricGen Sprocket and experience improved acceleration and extended range. Crafted from high-grade 7075 aluminum alloy, the lightweight sprocket delivers durability and precision, ensuring optimal performance on every ride.

Experience Blazing Acceleration

The larger sprocket size effectively increases the gear ratio, allowing your Sur Ron to surge from a standstill with unparalleled power. Feel the immediate difference as you conquer hills, launch off the line, and conquer any terrain with effortless agility.

Unlock Longer Range

The larger sprocket also benefits your Sur Ron’s range by allowing the motor to operate at a lower RPM, reducing energy consumption. Enjoy extended riding sessions without the constant worry of running out of power.

Unwavering Durability

Engineered from robust 7075 aluminum alloy, the ElectricGen Sprocket stands up to the rigors of off-road riding. Its lightweight design reduces overall bike weight, enhancing handling and agility without compromising strength.

Choose Your Perfect Fit

Available in 54T, 56T, 58T, 60T, and 62T sizes, the ElectricGen Sprocket offers customizable gearing options to suit your riding preferences and terrain. Find the perfect fit for your riding style and experience the pinnacle of performance.

Upgrade Your Ride Today

Empower your Sur Ron, Talaria, or E-Ride Pro with the ElectricGen Sprocket and elevate your riding experience. Experience unparalleled acceleration, extended range, and unwavering durability, all wrapped in a sleek, lightweight design. Order yours today and unlock the true potential of your electric bike.

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