Talaria Peg Droppers / Extention Kit

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Experience elevated rider comfort and improved performance with the Talaria Peg Droppers / Extention Kit. Meticulously crafted in Europe through precision CNC machining, this kit is designed to enhance your riding experience on the Talaria.

Constructed from premium class 6 billet aluminum, the kit offers exceptional durability. The 20mm lower stance not only provides enhanced rider comfort but also contributes to improved stability with a lowered center of gravity.

Customize your riding experience with the adjustable peg setups, offering five unique configurations. The 5-axis machining ensures lasting strength, making this kit a reliable choice for riders seeking durability.

This kit serves as a direct replacement tailored for your Talaria, ensuring a perfect fit. The comprehensive set includes left, right, and a reinforced brace for a complete upgrade. Installation is hassle-free, allowing you to enjoy the benefits effortlessly.

The Peg Drop feature is a standout, allowing you to lower the pegs and alter Talaria’s geometry. Highly recommended for riders 170cm+/5.7 feet and taller, this modification provides superior handling and a more comfortable riding position.

Elevate your standing position, enhancing both comfort and confidence without compromising bike clearance. Upgrade your riding experience with the Talaria Peg Droppers / Extention Kit.

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Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Gold


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